(U: -1) PAKISTAN'S EDUCATION SYSTEM AND THE FUTURE OF ITS YOUTH پاكستان كا نظامِ تعليم اور نوجوانوں كا مستقبل

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Asma kulsoom


The educational system of a nation plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of its youth. A robust educational framework not only imparts knowledge and skills to young minds but also nurtures critical thinking and innovation, essential for national progress. This article critically assesses the challenges and opportunities within Pakistan's educational system, focusing on their direct impact on the country's youth, who are the cornerstone of its future. The article provides an in-depth analysis of the current state of education in Pakistan, identifying obstacles hindering educational advancement and proposing comprehensive solutions to enhance both its quality and accessibility. The prevailing challenges, including inadequate educational standards, limited access, inequality in the education system, low attendance rates, underqualified teachers, and insufficient educational infrastructure, adversely affect the youth, creating barriers to the country's economic and social development. In addressing these challenges and unfavorable conditions, this article advocates for the creation of an educational environment that empowers the youth, encourages their active participation, and instills confidence in them. It presents recommendations aimed at overcoming the challenges of the present era and fostering a positive educational atmosphere, thereby ensuring a prosperous and stable future for Pakistan. Furthermore, given Pakistan's foundation on Islamic principles, the article emphasizes the integration of Islamic teachings into educational policy. It highlights the significance of Islamic education in shaping ethical upbringing and a better future for the youth.

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kulsoom, A. (2023). (U: -1) PAKISTAN’S EDUCATION SYSTEM AND THE FUTURE OF ITS YOUTH: پاكستان كا نظامِ تعليم اور نوجوانوں كا مستقبل. Journal of Arabic, University of Karachi, 1(2), 1–13. Retrieved from https://arabicuok.com/index.php/joa/article/view/24
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Asma kulsoom, M.Phil. Scholar, Metropolitan University Karachi